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Europe is the second smallest continent and is home to more than half.
From all tourists from all over the world
In fact, 7 of the 10 most visited countries in the world are European.
It’s easy to see why. Well-preserved cultural heritage, rich, safe and effective history.
The infrastructure facilitates travel in Europe.
Here is an overview of the best tourist destinations in Europe:
Number 25
Former site of the Habsburg Empire, Vienna is full of luxury buildings.
It is a palace that fully communicates the wealth and power of the ancient kings.
Now in the Austrian capital, this city is a lost happiness.
Nickname “City of music”, the names of famous residents will be removed from the language.
With Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert among those who once decorated their streets.
Number 24
You will be surprised by the determination of the prehistoric people who look at Stonehenge.
Construction began around 3000 BC The back of the funeral
A large stone column weighing 25 tons has been dragged into the construction site for centuries.
It is not known how many large stones were brought into the fields near Amesbury.
Today there are 13 tents.
No one knows why Stonehenge was built. But many people believe in this great British monument
It is associated with early astrology
Number 23
Egypt has a pyramid. But Italy and Switzerland have pyramids
Owner: Cervino
At 14,692 feet above sea level, this famous mountain is the highest mountain in Europe.
The mountain has four faces, each of which is rough.
The legendary mountain has been popular with climbers since 1865.
In summer, 150 people a day try to climb
The potato mattress loves to sleep and seems surprised.
Hide and seek games with clouds
Number 22
Lake Plewice
Lake Plitvice is so beautiful that employees turn into national parks.
Lake Plitvice is located in central Croatia, consisting of 16 most fascinating lakes
One million people a year
The lake is surrounded by dense forests and is connected to a descending waterfall.
Also another lake
The lake is divided into two parts, one low and one high due to the difference in height.
Explore the lake on foot. On the road it is possible to observe wildlife.
Number 21
Budapest is a city founded when the Hungarians took power in the 19th century.
Today, Budapest is the capital and the largest city in the country.
Between these two events, Budapest was ruled by Mongols, Ottomans and others.
Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and hosts museums.
Fine arts, collected over 100,000 pieces
Don’t forget to visit the historic center of the city, which has many museums, churches and palaces.
And the parliament building
Number 20
The capital of Lisbon is located in the Tagus, along the Atlantic coast.
It is this place that encourages explorers to travel the world.
XV, XVI and XVII century
One thing you want to see is the Torre de Belém, a 16th century fortress.
Tagus north side
If you are looking for a great view of Lisbon, visit São Jorge Castle.
Built on a hill of rice fields
Number 19
You may not know many people who go to Iceland.
But it might be worth visiting the picturesque Gullfoss waterfalls.
Gullfoss, southern Iceland is one of Iceland’s main tourist attractions.
Sometimes it looks like a suitable glacier, because sometimes it’s a glacier.
The waterfall begins after Ölfusá turns to the right.
Waterfall on a three-story staircase in a 115 foot deep gorge
Number 18
Athens is a city that has existed since the fifth century.
Democracy and cradle of Western civilization
Most of the city’s attractions are located in the Old Town, especially in the area.
The environment
The above list is composed of the temples of Zeus; Teatro Dioniso, where Sophocles works
It was built and the Parthenon at the top of the Acropolis
Number 17
Bay of Kotor
If you want to enjoy the spectacular view, see Bay of Kotor, south-west of

This bay near the Adriatic is easily controlled: surrounded by mountains, with
Picturesque villages between the rocks and the beautiful blue waters.
Several well-preserved medieval cities surround the bay.
While people make a pilgrimage here, they not only enjoy nature but also visit it.
Many Orthodox and Christian churches are scattered among the peoples.
Number 16
Moscow was the capital of Russia for almost 900 years.
As such, this ancient city has much to offer.
Let’s start with the Red Square of the 16th century, like many of the city’s main attractions.
to wrap
An important milestone is the Kremlin, the old fortress that houses the museum and its president.
Lenin’s tomb is located in the middle of the square and the iconic dome of St. Basil.
The cathedral, now a museum, is next door.
Number 15
Venice is for romantics who like to glide along the Grand Canal with the oil of the Italian gondola singer.
love songs.
After all, this is a city that has sent Marco Polo on a trip to China.
Explore Venice in St. Mark’s Square, the most famous square in the city.
Here you can choose Palazzo Ducale, Palazzo del Governo Veneziano and San Marco
The basilica is the main church of Venice with a magnificent view of the tower.
Venice is also known for its bridges over the canals.
Number 14
Monte Carlo
If you like glamor and glamor, don’t buy it anymore, Monte Carlo, the capital of the city
A small principality of Monaco.
Monaco has always been known for its qualities, which reached new heights in the Prince
He made Grace Kelly your princess.
Monte Carlo, located on the Mediterranean coast, is known for its fast motor sport and
Your elite casino
Take a walk through the harbor to see who is rich and famous.
The number 13
The Alhambra is one of the great wonders of Spain.
It is a beautiful complex of palaces in Granada, southern Spain.
Province of andalusia
However, this impressive complex began as a small fortress at the end of the 19th century.
It was built on the ruins of an ancient Roman fortress.
Here Christian rulers were received, and Columbus received a green light to open
The new World
The mix of architectural styles has been impressive for centuries.
Everywhere beautiful works of art and large gardens are chosen.
Number 12
If Florence had not been or the rebirth had not happened.
In Florence, as a rule, with great artists attributed to dark times in Europe.
as Michelangelo
You can see your works in the Uffizi or in the academy where the original is exhibited.
Enjoy an ice cream on the Ponte Vecchio, which connects the Arno river.
Check out the exaggerated wealth of the Medici family at Palazzo Pitti.
Check out the first building that created the Great Cathedral.
This is the best in Florence.
Number 11
Fans of English history can spend the picnic in London.
This city on the Thames is full of palaces, from Buckingham Palace to Hampton Court.
The Tower of London is more a prison than a palace.
And Knightsbridge: don’t forget to visit the excellent restaurants of Harrods

  • To Carnaby Street, since shopping is great.
    You can cross London quickly and efficiently by car or on the famous subway.
    Number 10
    Neuschwanstein Castle.
    “Märchenschloss” is a phrase that describes the castles of Neuschwanstein in Bavaria correctly.
    Romantic Renaissance castles of the nineteenth century appear from the fairy.
    the history; Some say that Neuschwanstein inspired the castle in the Disney sun
    The castle was built as a sanctuary for King Louis II of Bavaria, who saw it as a romanticization.
    from the Middle Ages The castle was built with bricks, then covered with stones, including
    White limestone can be seen at a great distance.
    Number 9
    Amsterdam is a pleasant city with winding canals surrounded by tall and narrow houses.
    This is the city where Anne Frank kept her famous diary and visited the house where she wrote
    That is a must.
    This “Venice of the North” is also a city of great art, from the Horn Museum,

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