Best places to see or visit northern Norway in winter

If you travel in the north of Norway, you can have very different experiences, depending on whether you are traveling in summer or in winter.

I would even say that, especially in winter, this region of northern Norway, which is the natural region of Lapland, offers its most striking and suitable attractions if you like winter tourism. The main and most famous attraction is the Northern Lights, but I have already told you that this should not be the only purpose of your trip to the Arctic of Norway. This is also the way this area is known.
During a few days’ journey it is not easy to see the northern lights as you are completely dependent on the weather conditions.

From the beginning you should consider that you may not have all the prerequisites to see it during the trip.
Therefore, it is important to plan a journey with rides and activities that are attractive enough to turn the Northern Lights into ice.

This happened to me during one of my trips to Northern Norway in winter, which has become an unforgettable travel experience.
To see and experience in the north of Norway in the winter
From the experience I gained during my winter tours, I will give you some tips on what to see and do on a trip to northern Norway in the Lapland region.
Visit Tromso
Tromso is the largest city in northern Norway and is considered to be the gateway to the Arctic.

To travel in Lapland you will definitely drive to Tromso, a city that will be the starting point of your trip.

So you can visit Tromso in winter, where you can see the Arctic Cathedral, visit the Polar Museum, where you get to know the adventures of Norwegian explorers like Amundsen or take the cable car to the spectacular view of the Storstein.

Visit Alta
Another alternative to fly from Norway to Oslo north is the road to Alta.

Farther north than Tromso, this city is the best choice if you are traveling to northeastern regions such as the city of Kirkenes and along the border with Russia.
Its most striking image is the Aurora Borealis Cathedral, inaugurated in 2013, with a very modern design and a spectacular titanium facade.

Alta can also be a good starting point to visit other places in the interior like Karasjok.

From the town of Alta, it is worth to discover the outstanding features of the Northern Lights and the numerous winter activities, including snowmobiles.
Watch the fjords with the snowy landscapes in northern Norway
If you travel through the Norwegian Lapland in winter, you can enjoy beautiful snowy landscapes. In contrast, you see them from the sea by the fjords, which do not freeze.
In view of the events in the Baltic Sea, which completely freezes in winter, the heat of the Gulf Stream freezes on the Norwegian Atlantic coast, including the fjords, in the north.

If you like winter landscapes, you will not forget these beautiful Norwegian landscapes, where the snow-capped mountains surround the tongues of the sea.

Watch the northern lights of northern Norway
As I said before, being able to see the Northern Lights is an excellent attraction for traveling in the Norwegian Lapland.
This possibility also exists in other parts of northern Europe, but it has already been shown that we can see it further and further north.

For example, in Kirkenes, one of the places I visited in northern Norway. When the sky is clear, it is relatively easy to see.

But I can tell you that it is also possible to see them in Tromso and elsewhere in southern Norway.

To see the northern lights in Norway, it is best to go to a field to see the northern lights conditioned for the night.

Because of their location in remote areas, away from cities, they provide a minimum of brightness so you can enjoy the northern lights in clear skies, which is why this natural phenomenon is well known

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