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This means that you cannot travel to Europe with modest respectable Mojo trips. Today we are among the 10 cheapest cities in Europe to visit in 2019 if you are a fan of our videos. We traveled and were informed about the latest videos on the list. We are looking for cheap and worth seeing holiday opportunities in Europe 10 Branislav Slovak for $ 13 per night Bratislava is one of the most powerful capitals in Europe with an average daily price of probably $ 70.

If you play with less than 30 players, real wines and beers are cheaper, especially if the last bottle costs $ 70. But you will be well acquainted with Bratislava’s rich history and culture, such as the Old Town and the Blue Church of Dubrovnik, where you can experience the beauty of the Adriatic Sea at an affordable price. The popularity of the city among tourists has been growing steadily for many years. Bed and yes, the appearance of some HBO fantasies shows that we are now on the roof of a terracotta and an amazing fortress. Dubrovnik is a city worth many goodies and good luck.
One night costs only $ 11 and a trip to Sponza Palace costs only $ 3 and up. The Old Town is the most popular neighborhood in the city, but quite expensive to search for “Bite” for travelers if you go somewhere else 8. Tallinn in Estonia is less known as the main tourist destination in 2019. As a result, lesser-known cities in northern Europe are based on strict Soviet rules, and the Tallinn Union has been given new life from the outset. Think of the growing trend to turn digital cities into empire hands
We were pleasantly surprised by the colorful architecture and fine restaurants serving authentic Olde Hansa cuisine, still using 16th century recipes. Still, it’s a little cheaper to visit the creative city of Telus Kiwi when you’re at home. Complex Industry Go to cinemas, shops, restaurants and flea markets 7, Russia. Budget tourists earn $ 25 a day. St. Petersburg is becoming one of the European money changer tourists and apparently at $ 16 a night

30 bottles of water is one of the cheapest cities in the North and one of the most beautiful cities in the world with Russian inspired architecture. Of course, without a trip to St. Petersburg and without going into the history of the Hermitage, the second largest ticket in the world costs $ 18, but students can sign up for free. Don’t forget to bring your ID card and enjoy Saint Pete. Vodka Shot No. 6 “, Krakow, Poland. Eastern Europe is known for this award. Lower Krakow is a city that guarantees unbeatable prices. The second largest city in Poland can enjoy food and transportation for less than $ 30 a day.

They are all pretty cheap, which means more money for activities that have a lot of work to do in Krakow – attractions like Bevelle Castle and wigs that blow up the roof of Europe’s largest market. If you’re bored of old stuff, why not try something new in Krakow, a vibrant nightlife, and drink a glass of beer for less than $ 2 to relieve stress if you still have a need for Polish culture. Make sure the fifth most affordable wood in Athens, Greece, claims that the “Planet of Athens” is a combination of history and rationality, and we are pleased to admit that we can add that both are quite cheap. If 2019 Visit the capital of Greece, put in a dollar for money. Well, the average daily cost is a bit higher than in the previous post, but with a bowl of fresh seafood and a glass of ouzo, you can’t blow a bank with a millennial panorama of Athens, including highlights. From the Acropolis and the surrounding area

Rome, a 25-year-old apartment, has only $ 33 for most visitors. Although you know that the Roman sculpture of Lido Vita is one of the most populated cities in the EU, Rome remains one of the most economically viable places, including the Spanish stairs. The Coliseum and the Vatican are acceptable, but the average daily cost for a budget traveler is $ 54. Rome still costs $ 12 a day less than Paris and $ 16 less than London. If you’re with Rome, visit Florence, a relatively inexpensive alternative to the huge cost of many other major European cities with scenic marinas. ,
Issue 3 From Lagos to Portugal Lisbon Portugal is one of the most economical countries in Europe. The Atlantic capital of Lisbon is located under seven beautiful hills and offers easy access to accessible wine and beer bars and open container lanes. Visitors drink in public. One of her most intriguing paintings is the Eve All card, which offers free public transportation, top museums and nearby Cinque Terre resorts. Lisbon is considered one of the most popular destinations in 2019. It is one of the cheapest cities to visit other Budapest in Hungary, a fantastic city at an affordable price.

This is basically a bonus because you don’t get nicknames like the Danube Pearl. Middle-class travelers can expect to spend about $ 90 a day visiting Budapest for the price of a third of the resort’s famous food streets and vibrant nightlife. It costs $ 14, so Budapest is a hectic price, you don’t turn your head, but it’s so easy to put away. Hike Here Free Thank you for saying that your wallet and your eyes are the best deal.

First place in Prague, Czech Republic, relatively cheap and full of surprises. In short, the Central European city of Prague has slowly but surely begun to compete with the known areas of the western region. Lower than the average for European landmarks such as Prague Castle or the winding streets of the Old Town, it will put a little more money in your pocket. It’s cheaper in this fabulous city, so you can fix it with a cold cup of beer and sausage without worrying about your bank account
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